Dr. Anuradha Mallaya



Green is the new gold...

Mark your dates 2018 January,
Kochi is the place to be,
Suvarnolsavam hosted by IDA Kochi,
Will bring you the best, you will see!

Scientific sessions, banquet, entertainment and more,
With fellowship and fun galore,
We have a lot for you in store,
To enjoy, learn and explore...

But have you ever thought what happens
To the plastic and paper waste you left behind in the bins?
Haven't u figured it out still
That tonnes and tonnes of it goes into landfill?

Let's make up our minds to keep the venue clean
And our planet green
After all a green planet is our right
And a gift we leave behind for every child

So let's put our hands together now
And make this solemn vow
That we will do everything in our might
To make Suvarnolsavam right

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
That's our theme
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
To keep our planet green

Its never too late to begin...
Let's Think Green, Act Green!!


Dr. Civy V. Pulayath


Yes its SUVARNOLSAVAM @ Kochi coming soon to enrich and entertain us. Together with the fun, we learn a lot from the different scientific sessions. Each speaker has his on style with advantages and limitations too. This article is a funny analysis about various types of speakers in a conference. ( Not meant to hurt anyone)

1. Entertainer - invited by organisers specially for what it says on the tin. They tell many jokes, poems, WhatsApp forwards and present memes in the talk. Audience laughs. These speakers are like a fart after big meal. No substance but feels good.

2. Dazzler - mostly slick presentation but sometimes content too. They all have McBook Air and insist on connecting their laptop ( which they insist on calling "MY McBook Air") to the system. Experience has taught them that their technologically demanding presentation will trip native laptop. Their undoing is usually "audio" which refuses to play on venue's system.

3. Self promoters - Do I need to describe this one? They are all around. The smarter one will talk about them or their products indirectly.

4. Castrator - They explain to you that whatever you have been doing so far is the wrongest practice and you have probably killed and maimed all your patients by now. People come away feeling quite stunned, castrated, guilty or simply nauseated and pledge never to refer any patient to such brilliant Messiah of dental sciences.

5. Educators - Usually earn their living by teaching helpless and entrapped students. They will take a "tuition" class on given topic. Depending on their political leanings and state of personal crisis, presentation will contain references to "ancient Europe" or "bhagvatgeeta". Audience feels like they are wearing a school uniform and have regressed to school age. Audience often makes a dash to restrooms in the middle of such presentations just to check their genitals and feels assured about their real physical age.

6. Misery sellers - Usually affiliated to NGO that works on meager resources but can pay for speaker's air travel. They try to convince the audience that medical profession is the worst thing that happened to humanity since farming and the only solution is that everyone should follow "virtuous" path. No matter what is the theme of conference, their speech remains same.

7. Empowerer - Making baby food out of complex medical conditions, they actually give practical , usable knowledge. But they usually find little audience as most delegates have flocked "Trade fare stalls" after listening to above 6.

8. Wannabes - Always junior members of organising committee. They really don't have much to say but they dress and smell nice, smile a lot and thank everyone for the "opportunity" starting with creator of the universe. They always refer to everyone as Sir / Respected Madam. They grow out of this by third conference and become secretary of some professional organization !

9. Sedatives - Characterised by a 90 slides presentation, choice of font size usually 2.5 to accommodate 1000 words per slide and a total lack of awareness to a minor physical entity called time. When the chairman reminds them that they are 15 min over time for a 10 min slot they look astonished , check and shake their watch and then rush thru the remaining 89 slides in further 25 minutes. They are a great way to empty the auditorium. Due to their need to wear near sight glasses they usually don't notice emptying of chairs happening right under their nose. Organising committee cleverly plans their sessions before lunch time so that people can really eat well.

10. Story Tellers –This is a new type emerging quite fast than the above establishes models. They are the pale shadows of their more polished and better dressed corporate counterparts (lovingly called "bullshitters"), they try to use the word "narrative" and "space" quite often and aim to change the world with a single story.

Any combination of above is possible but invariably results in acute and severe indigestion to audience. But remember NO KNOWLEDGE IS USELESS !!

Dr. sreekanth s

IDA Valluvanadu Branch



Talking about suvarnotsavam the bar of excellence has been already kept high because of party which is Ida Kochi conducting the programme
I expect more entertainment for families since I think all the dental fraternity and their families are looking forward for this 50 the anniversary exyravegenca
I wish u guys could bring in a good band in the tunes of thaikudam bridge or something similar plus some good entertainment to the whole crowd or some good Hindi singer like abijeeth sing or Irfan etc

Coming to the food part include cusines which is excotic as well some thing like sushi etc etc
IAM.sure it will be a wonderful program IAM going to be there and I hope all Ida members will come with their families to make this memorable all the best team Ida Kochi suvarnotsavam


Dr. Dominic Alexander

IDA Kochi





The thought of golden jubilee conference, takes me back to silver jubilee conference hosted by IDA Kochi  branch 25 yrs back. Very disciplined inaugural session, excellent scientific session especially endodontics and memorable banquet were the highlights of that conference and  are still fresh with me. Conference of that time was conducted with very minimum resources and the main sponsors were Pharma companies. The experience and expertise of Kochi branch was the key for the  success of that conference.
When coming to Golden jubilee Conference Sea of changes are happened for Kochi and in dentistry- in number of graduates, colleges, practice, education, industry, trade etc. Unchanged are the beauty of Kochi and the maturity of IDA Kochi branch. So a huge “Dental Mamangam” at Kochi on 26,27,28 of Jan 2018 is the expectation of majority of dentists of kerala.

Why KSDC is a must attend event.
1-KSDC is always a well planned, structured, well attended, cost effective, value added conference.

2- Always better than other IDA conferences- national and other state conferences.
3-Best hospitality and personal care than any international conference where it is purely mechanical and technically driven.

4- Always best scientific sessions- pre conference courses, keynote addresses, facility for paper presentation students

5-best trade fair in the country at par with international standards in terms of facility, trade and  attendance.

6-best social events like inauguration and cultural evening, memorable banquet night, Alumni meetings, election gathering, general body meetings.

7- Useful gifts and  souvenirs

Personally I rate KSDC the best, a conference with human touch.
Attending and learning KSDC is a good CDE programme for fresh and young dentists.

A memorable conference in anticipation, I wish the team COC the best and promising my moral and physical support for the Suvarnotsavam.

Thanking you.


Dr. Antony Thomas


Delegate Preparation for a Conference

Golden Jubilee Greetings to all dear members of IDA Kerala State

A conference in a nut shell is an ideal occasion to enrich our knowledge, meet and greet old friends, see their ballooned bellies& receding hair lines, dine, dance and enjoy the extravagant world of emerging dentistry and trade fair.

Take a break from your routine monotonous chores. Since I was a part of the profession for the last 25 years I am confident enough to share what are the do’s and I am not a person to comment on the don’ts. But the do’s are sure to opaque the odds .

To start with, register for the conference and if possible take an RC during the preceding conference. Triple benefit of early registration is that, you may get it with less burden, be entitled for an early bird gift and if fortunate fetch a lucky dip. For smooth run prior booking of accommodation is required.

Secondly view the website and brochures related to the conference. KSDC is conducted annually in the 3rd week of January and lasts for 3 days. The event commences on Friday with the preconference course. Never miss an opportunity to be a part of these scientific sessions. Knowledge is power and money. It will boost your self-esteem. In this era of struggle for practice, the bookish or half -baked knowledge that we have incurred from our college days is not at all sufficient to retain the vigor and vitality of our knowledge tree. You may have been a gold medalist during your studies but if you fail to keep yourselves updated , your gold medal will become an old medal of sweet memories. Be prepared to attend at least one preconference course of your choice.

Conference inaugural function falls on Friday evenings, be a part and parcel of the program so that you can witness the ceremony and meet the ida office bearers who are the torch bearers of this noble profession. It is an occasion for taking stock of the good work they have done throughout the year. Appreciation and thanks giving are an integral part of any organization. Be a motivator and salute them for the good work they have done . The office bearers of the local and state branches deserve special plaudits and laurels.

By the time the formal function concludes you will find yourself in front of the mouth watering cuisines arranged by the host branch. Of course the fellowship counter is not far away. Dine, dance and enjoy the entertainments.

Saturday morning usually begins with the coveted Dr. Jacob Zacharia memorial oration and anyone who skips this dishonors the host as well as the speaker and misses the content. Try to attend few scientific sessions. Trade fair will stand open from Saturday. Purchasing materials and equipment is an art. It needs preparation and planning, at par with your budget and need. For the last many years, KSDC’s are organizing dental expo in pompous style and perfection and is supposed to be one of the key attractions of any conference. Proper equipment , quality material coupled with sound knowledge makes our practice more comfortable and enables us to deliver refined dental treatment.

We are investing our wealth in an array of areas. An average dentist spends around 8 to 9 hours in his/her clinic. In effect we are spending most of our quality time there. So spend a part of your income in your own clinic and make your work place more comfortable. Invest to increase the learning curve.

Before purchase, make a comprehensive inventory. Have a flash visit in all the stalls, communicate with your peers regarding the choices. Before the buy, especially an item which is new to you ,enquire with the dealer or the representative about the previous buyers and if possible try to contact the person and assure the worth. As the adage says, a stich in time saves nine.

Always remember to spend your 60% of money for the most commonly used items. Keep in mind that hand pieces and burs are the main tools . Never undercut or compromise for them. Instead of spending money for posh vehicles and expensive mobiles, the real investment should be focused on your clinic and it will assure you returns in many folds. A self-appraisal regarding the matter will be good. Address the common areas of usage and reorient your approach legibly.

Bulk purchasing of consumables and others is profitable. Always spot the stalls of your choices and make a note of it. If you are going for a group purchase, organize accordingly so that you can shop at better cost. I have enjoyed group purchases many a times. Collect information of the ‘dealer of importance’ which may help in future service. Keep your visiting cards handy so that it may bring fortune. Pump more money into your wallets or debit cards. Always seek assistance from clinic staff prior to purchase. Keep carry bags with you to not forget any items you purchased from the previous stalls. Try to collect brochures and leaflets from traders.

Spend some time on dental book stalls if available and invest money in software if it’s worth.

Conference days are the best time to meet your classmates ,seniors and juniors . Alumini meetings can be arranged on Saturday afternoon .

The sumptuous banquet is the icing of the event, try to attend with your family on Saturday evening.

Ida is the watchdog for protecting the dignity and integrity of our profession and due acknowledgement for their dedication and hard work in unison is the pillar rock of our establishment.

HOPE AGM and IDA AGM are integral parts of the conference and are scheduled on Sunday. Your presence counts. It is an ideal opportunity to express your views and ideas.

Exercise your voting rights without any whims and fancies and choose the ideal candidate.

If you are accompanied by your family ,find time for site seeing trip, if not remember to buy few gifts as a token of conference memory.

Collect your Conference certificate and grab the Kerala Dental Council credit points. Return home with fond memories until next KSDC @ Calicut.Hope the contents of this write up serve the purpose. It needs at least 2years of dedicated and committed efforts to fulfill a successful conference,absolutely a team work. Instead of being a criticizer, be a part of the event and cooperate with the organizers. Unexpected incidents may happen beyond the control of the COC. Always sandwich your criticisms.

Thank you Suvarnolsavam Team and best wishes.

Dr. Antony Thomas

Past State President and State Secretary,IDA KSB.