The Cochin Branch of the I.D.A. is an offspring and extension of the Cochin Dental Society which was founded by Dr.M.K James on 24 June 1968 at a meeting of about twelve Dentists at the International Hotel, Ernakulam with the objectives of professional updating and familial closeness. Clinical meetings of high standard were held regularly by rotation in different clinics of members with occasional family gatherings. This routine continued for eight years. IDA Kochi branch was inaugurated in the year 1976.

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Year President Secretary
1976-77 Dr. Parnel.J. Maguire Dr. M.R.M. Shenoy
1977-78 Dr. Thampy Thomas Dr. C.R. Vijayasankaran
1978-79 Dr. Mathew Varghese Dr. C.R. Vijayasankaran
1979-80 Dr. M.K. James Dr. Sreedharan Iyer
1980-81 Dr. J.I.Chacko Dr. Vijayasankaran
1981-82 Dr. R.N. Shenoy Dr. George Kottam
1982-83 Dr. M. Chandrasekharan Dr. George Kottam
1983-84 Dr. Mathew Chathurthy Dr. K.L.Baby
1984-85 Dr. Vijayasankaran Dr. K.L.Baby
1985-86 Dr. Sreedharan Dr. K.L.Baby
1986-87 Dr. K.L.Baby Dr. Thomas Philip
1987-88 Dr. Jacob Elenjickal Dr. Sunny Poulose
1988-89 Dr. Thomas Philip Dr. Ajikumar
1989-90 Dr. Louis Thoppil Dr. Ajikumar
1990-91 Dr. Jacob Paul Dr. Ajikumar
1991-92 Dr. M.K.James Dr. Ajikumar
1992-93 Dr. Ajikumar Dr. Raju Kurian Ninan
1991-92 Dr. M.K.James Dr. Ajikumar
1993-94 Dr. K.J.Alexander Dr. Raju Kurian Ninan
1994-95 Dr. Raju Kurian Ninan Dr. Sreekumar
1995-96 Dr. Vijayasankaran Dr. Sreekumar
1996-97 Dr. Balachandran Dr. V.I. Paul
1997-98 Dr. Sreekumar Dr. Ram Mohan
1998-99 Dr. Joseph Isaac Dr. Prasanth Pillai
1999-00 Dr. Anilkumar Dr. Prasanth Pillai
2000-01 Dr. Vijayasankar Dr. Ajikumar
2001-02 Dr. V.I. Paul Dr. Ajikumar
2002-03 Dr. Ram Mohan Dr. P .C. Sunil
2003-04 Dr. Peter George Dr. P .C. Sunil
2004-05 Dr.Prasanth Pillai Dr. Civy.V. Pulayath
2005-06 Dr. Saju Raju Dr. Civy.V. Pulayath
2006-07 Dr. Civy.V. Pulayath Dr. Rajesh M. Kottooran
2007-08 Dr. Jose Julian Dr. Rajesh M. Kottooran
2008-09 Dr. V. A. Afzal Dr. Vinod Mathew
2009-10 Dr. P.C Sunil Dr. Vinod Mathew
2010-11 Dr. Noorudheen Dr. Arun Babu
2011-12 Dr. Vinod Mathew Dr. Arun Babu
2012-13 Dr.Tatu Joy Dr. Jayakumar.S
2013-14 Dr. Arun Babu Dr. Jayakumar.S
2014-15 Dr. Siby T Chennankara Dr. Balu Soman
2015-16 Dr. Jayakumar.S Dr. Balu Soman
2016-17 Dr Anjana G Dr. Balu Soman